dealing with debt and a financially irresponsible spouse

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dealing with debt and a financially irresponsible spouse

I am married to a man that isn't exactly financially responsible. When he finds something that he wants, he will do whatever is necessary to buy it. This has caused us a lot of debt over the years. What can you do when you are married to someone that doesn't take being in debt seriously? How do you approach him or her about their spending habits? I have worked with a financial professional to learn how to manage my money, how to discuss our money problems with my husband and to learn how to reduce my debt as quickly as possible. Find all this information and more here on my blog.



Auto Loan Tips That Will Help You Score The Best Deal

Buying a new car is an activity that can strike fear in the hearts of some consumers. The stress associated with a new car purchase is often centered around financing the vehicle. Most people don't have the cash reserves to pay the purchase price of a newer vehicle in full, so they rely on an auto loan to spread the cost of the vehicle out over time.

Finding the right auto loan will help to make your next car-shopping experience a more positive one.

Get a Pre-Approval

You should take care of the financial aspect of a car purchase before you take your first test drive.

Banks and credit unions offer their customers the option to get pre-approved for an auto loan. This pre-approval lets you determine exactly how much financing you qualify for, and you will be provided with an accurate estimate when it comes to the monthly payment you can expect to pay over the life of the loan.

You will be able to shop for vehicles that are within your budget when you arrive at the dealership with a pre-approval letter instead of falling in love with a car outside your price range and running the risk of securing an unfavorable loan.

Check With the Dealer Finance Department

Just because you obtain a pre-approval for an auto loan through your bank or credit union doesn't mean that you have to take out the loan when purchasing a vehicle. Once you have found a car that meets your needs and is within your budget, you should sit down with the finance department at the dealership.

Dealerships are often given a finder's fee by financial institutions for having customers obtain a loan through them. This means that the dealership will be motivated to secure not only a sale, but financing as well.

You can provide the details of your pre-approval and ask the dealership to beat the deal you have already been offered. It's possible to save a significant amount of money when taking this approach to financing your next vehicle.

Don't let the process of securing financing for a new vehicle cause you undue stress. Talk to your bank or credit union before you start shopping so you know what you can afford, and then ask the dealership to beat the offer from your financial institution so that you will enjoy the best possible deal on your next auto loan.